About Me

I am an English and Canadian & World Studies Department Head in Southwestern Ontario. I strive to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences for my students.

I am particularly interested in the role technology, especially video games, can play in education. In collaboration with my students, I have created video games designed to teach students about ancient Egypt, Victorian England, Ancient Egypt, and even grammar. Yes, grammar. If you have ever wanted to battle grammatically challenged super-villains, now is your chance. You can find these games (and more!) at http://pedrech.ca/.

I also like to work with students and teachers around the world, so if this interests you, we should probably talk. I’ve led projects involving schools across Canada, taught classes from around the world via Skype, and presented at conferences in Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, and Budapest.

I also write online courses for Ontario’s Ministry of Education, so there’s that, too.

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